Women Are Capable Of Anything.

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I had a weird dream. Normally they are random things I think about. Today it was different. It was a day dream. The books I have wanted to write for a long time were out and I had the dream cover on it. It was everything. I had my own place. I had my own job. I was self employed, independent, solo and free. It’s all I have ever wanted. A simple, little achievable dream.

I had my own struggle. Always struggling with my own mind. If you are an introvert it is much harder. Mind’s always working, too good, too wise sometimes. Most of the time you are in your head.

Some questions always bother me. Like why should I be treated as anything different, something like a stereotype when I am as much human as a man?

Personally I never minded anybody being in love with anyone. All of the dreams, all of the positions, the names or a cause, all of them. Are they really about anything discriminative like that?

No. For a moment think about all the wonderful things people have done. I don’t think anything like that ever mattered.

But here I am constantly asked to confirm my race because it is a Muslim. What does that have to do with my writing? Lol. Some crazy racists, right?

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I had my lemonade and did the wonder I do, I used my mind. Like some people I have this problem of over thinking.

So I realized something’s are just not about gender. It’s about personality. How people are and what they choose. Like when I am asked about age, color and race differences. I think it’s about humanity, human loves a human. So who cares about age, color and shapes?

All the women I have ever heard about never tried to be a man. Fact is as I have heard, women are psychologically stronger and they have better emotional intelligence. That is why you see them cry. Because their emotional understanding is stronger, not because they are weak.

I mean The great Egyptian queen Cleopatra or The actress Marilyn Monroe were powerful because of their femininity. Wonder if we all embraced it. Where we could reach is unimaginable. Cleopatra was the strongest queen with no need of any physical strength and Marilyn Monroe was the biggest star with nothing but her beauty and brains as her power. Look what they did :0.

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My day was productive. Although I haven’t written much, I hope I can write those books I have dreamed about all my life. I have a lot of potential and  I work really hard, really when I am in college or on WordPress. My dream is to become a big blogger so eventually I can write my own books. I have started writing and soon I will write a short demo of it on WordPress. I am thinking of writing a short retelling of some really old famous stories and give them my original taste of twist. I am glad we all female bloggers are getting exposure to be a writer out here and I expect the best for all of you out there. Good luck 👍.

Thought of the day – With every man there is a woman and with every woman there is a man.

Thanks for reading.

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