Nothing Is Bad At all.

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26 September 2018


Today was boring. Everyone has bad days. This day was one of them for me. Honestly, routines are productive but boring. I wish I could break out of them. But I can’t, one day is enough to lag behind completely. I can enjoy but to balance that I need to work. I need to write. Use my boring day and create something fresh. My potential is great. I can use language to make the boring things interesting, something entertaining to read. My language makes my life fun. So I guess it’s not all bad.

You always have something to enjoy, to love, to make, to celebrate. Something that makes you grateful. It transforms your life. My days did turn out to be a celebration. My writing is a celebration to me, something out of the box, something new.


I  am glad that I am able to open up and share my ideas everyday. Today I learned nothing is really that bad. There is something amazing in every bad thing that happens. Like today I had an anxiety attack. Because of that I developed sensitivity towards people similar to me. It is how God’s plan works. He wants to benefit everyone and so he does things that seem bad. They are not so at all. There’s a lot of good things he’s done. Like keeping me alive and well today.


I learned vision. Today through the anxiety, I saw more. I saw the end of the bad that was happening to me. I realized it all ends. The thing is people like me and you, we are deluded by our problems. We don’t want to see more.  When we do, we are too arrogant to accept it. Maybe things aren’t really bad at all. May be we just make it worse by digging ourselves into it. Just maybe….

Massive days are coming ahead. I have literature exams. Wish me best of luck. Take care. Enjoy and work hard friends. Any moment could be your last.

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Thought of the day – See the beginning of every good and the end of every bad. When bad things begin, they end and when good things begin, more good comes along the way.
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