Everyday Is A Celebration.

man with fireworks
Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on Pexels.com

25 September 2018


I was a new myself today. I applied that beauty tip and found myself realizing that maybe sometimes something’s happen and they don’t have a reason. They happen because some people are just evil so I can’t really blame myself or blame others. The new teacher doesn’t seem to like me, I don’t blame myself. The colleagues don’t like me, I don’t blame myself. I can’t blame myself for things I didn’t invite but one thing I can do is face them, accept them and realize it isn’t always me. Sometimes or many times it’s nothing at all. Maybe somebody is just having a bad day.


Didn’t get the lemonade today but managed to feel good by knowing myself and staying true to it. No one really knows you but yourself. They don’t have to know. #Self respect. They are not interested. Neither am I. No one should torment themselves over little things.

Mom said that now there isn’t something like friendship anymore. They don’t care about the late night sharing caring conversations anymore. I do. In my time, when I become my dream, they’ll too. I know they will. Lol #life :P.


I have a serious mental disorder, but some things makes this feeling worthy. It’s a push. Something everyone needs but not everyone has, we all deserve one. Seems like every single day is worth celebrating when you have something to fight for. Something to go against. Something to live by. The person who doesn’t have it needs to find one. It’s the push that helps you find it. The push makes every problem a purpose to strive against. Everyday is a celebration.

I have had a big day. Woke up by 7 and now its 8 ‘o’ clock. But I don’t regret a single moment despite the suffering 😀

analysis blackboard board bubble
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Thought of the day – If you have something worth fighting for, nothing is like suffering. It is adventure.

Thanks for your time.

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