6 Ways To Prevent Rape (How To Protect Yourself From Assault).



There’s been plenty of rape cases almost everywhere. There can’t be a specific reason why, since rape isn’t the victim’s fault and the predators don’t really have a reason. That is precisely what makes rape more cruel than it really is. But there can be ways to step out into a safe zone when you feel you are in the eyes of a predator.

Awareness is the first step to become a responsible citizen against any crime. Government promises welfare and creates laws and protection campaigns.

Apart from seeking protection there, something has to be done personally to prevent rapes in all cases indiscriminative of who is raped. It has to be such because some situations need privacy and not everytime there can be someone to help.

The best way to prevent rape is to personally learn to defend yourself against it. Second best way is sex education. Since minds cannot be changed and they are out of our control, it is wiser to teach children to respect the opposite gender the way it should be.



Here are 6 best ways to defend yourself at all costs

Mislead the predator.

You are walking on the streets and you see someone following you, make sure you are not mistaken. Show the predator as if you are going one way but remember you are misleading him. When he is mislead, throw or make a noise some other place. When the predator is inattentive, run away, hide or look for help.

Disguise as someone important.

Keep a fake costume with you. The best idea is to keep a police uniform or a fake identity batch or card, don’t forget handcuffs. Change into it, when you feel danger. You can even arrest or take him/her to the police office. He/she won’t have any idea and he/she will be arrested.

Make sure they get caught.

Identify the predator, by something he/she has with him. You can try and memorise his/her face but then he can kill you to protect his identity. Stay safe and make sure he/she is caught. Don’t keep silent. It will only encourage the predator to make another move.

Teach them a lesson.

Make sure he she gets the lesson. Warn people of him her, attract attention. Make sure he has no chance to do that to someone else. When he she is caught or feels trapped in a situation like that, he she will run away leaving you safe.

Make it hard for them to catch up with you.

If you feel endangered, be quick. Be fast with running, calling or screaming for help. This way he won’t be able to get you and you will be safe when he does get you.

Don’t be naïve and don’t easily trust people.

Predators go for easier preys, they are cowards. Be a badass. Don’t let them see you as weak. Act bold when you sense trouble, you don’t have to be someone else. Be what you are, but be that boldly. Send people signals that you are in trouble. This way you will be safe even when you are caught.

Enter a safe zone.

Select a safe place some where, where safety is guaranteed. Everytime you find yourself in a problem, go there, hide and quickly call the police or somebody who can help you. Preparation and plans help all the time. Be prepared all the time to protect your self respect.

Watch after yourself.

We watch over family and friends but when alone we forget to look after ourselves. This is the problem. We don’t suspect ourselves. Watching after yourself means look after yourself. Take precautionary care. Look that no one gets in your personal space. Maintain a distance from strangers and let them maintain it too.

Don’t panic or fear.

Panic makes situations worse. No one can think in a poor state of mind. Keep your mind clean and take steps in a quick but organised way. A predator sees his prey confident and unafraid. He may get panicked himself.


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