6 Reasons Why Bad Things Happen And 6 Ways To Solve Them.

Why do bad things happen to good people

A lot of bad things happen, more to good people. There’s tons of reasons why these things happen. I have collected and gathered them up on this blog, but awareness does not stop at that.

Awareness is more. It is teaching people how to avoid such things from happening. Getting people to do these things are challenging. So here I would like to mention both the information on the subject and it’s awareness. So that we know what this post has for you.

It has the answers to the complex question “why do bad things happen?”. Basically causes of bad things that happen and measures to avoid them.

Mostly it is individuality taken to a higher level. Higher than it should be. This arises an attitude of carelessness, carelessness in the wrong place. Like when a person is clearly in trouble and we can see it, we don’t help because it isn’t happening to me and you. That is the wrong attitude.

When someone advises to have attitude, they are asking for an attitude that is constructive. It builds something up, that is the feeling of mercy and humanity. This feeling is the biggest and most essential characteristic in someone, in anyone. That is the main reason why we are human but many fail to act like one.

Individuality is great if it stays where it is supposed to, in a limit. There’s a reason why many people are facing mental issues like depression and anxiety. Something’s growing and getting worst day by day, it’s narcissism and extensive materialism. If a person is valued less than one penny, we should know there’s a problem.

Materialism drains out all the love we have for the real thing, degrading the true value of a human being. Worst than that it makes a person what he wears and not what we thinks or does.


So here are 6 reasons why bad things happen and 6 ways to avoid them:


Thinking you are better than someone is enough to show yourself below that. Putting someone down shows what kind of person you are and what thoughts you let in your mind. It’s better to stay humble which helps maintain a higher standard of human beings that is far from materialism.


The worst habit is the habit of consuming. Persistent consumption increases what we have. But there is no point in having something unless it is shared. The best possible way to growth is supplying, sharing, servicing. Growth through consuming blocks the road to inventing new ways to utilize something. It is why we get tired of the same things over and over again. Consumption has two parts, giving and taking. Make sure we have both.

Lack of concern for the real, natural, human environment.
More concern for material environment.

This is what makes a person depressed. Materials are mere amusements. They turn people shallow with only the outer appearance to offer. People easily get depressed because that is their mere value of life.
So people get more concerned about money than happiness.

Lack of reasoning and scientific temper

If people are more concerned about what they wear than how they think, there is of lack reasoning and temper because the time demands it. If people are taught to be more intelligent than good looking, we would be in a much better position in terms of character and personality.


Every occasion in India, there’s a loudspeaker playing on full volume. All Indians don’t follow the same culture. We have something that is special about us. It’s tolerance.

A Buddhist says nothing about a Christian, a Christian says nothing about a Hindu, and a Hindu says nothing about a Muslim, vice versa.
It may look like an easy thing on the outside. It is not easy to keep a mum on when you are busy doing your own thing and something is out to disturb you. Schedules and busy lives make it hard to maintain tolerance.

Absurd expectations

People go crazy for love and power, the only fault in it is that, they expect to have the same type of love and power as others. This is what is an absurd expectation.

All people are different, so are their property. The way they have their things, isn’t the way I will have mine. That is something we all need to understand. What we have individually is unique and perfect, we don’t need to have each others things.


Ways to solve them.

Love for others what you love for yourself

You can’t have what you want unless you give the same. Human beings are reactionary. Some of us can’t help but expect. A part of kindness is to free people from expectations. Expectations put a heavy toll on people. To let them go or to expect things that we can do ourselves is a great thought taken for the close ones.

Ask questions

When we doubt someone’s belief, lets not insult or mock it, lets ask about it. There’s a trillion interpretations and representations of one single thing. It’s foolish to think only the way we have it is right. It’s better and nicer to ask questions and many hands will reach out for ours.

Avoid wastage

Don’t throw away plastic and machines. Recycle them or a better way is to use eco friendly products. That will help you and the environment. Use less petrol. Ask the taxi man to switch off the car while he’s waiting in traffic.

Celebrate with them

This is a great way to spread happiness. Make peace by joining people in their joys and sorrows. Celebrate when they are celebrating, cry with them when they are crying, console, compliment and appreciate them. When you will notice them returning the same, you will know you have won their hearts.

Develop a generous attitude

Give and give and give without counting and fearing poverty, you will see a lot coming your way. This is the easiest way to become a millionaire. Give and give till you have nothing but just what you need.

Stay alert and aware of everything

Look to your right, look to your left, then to your front and back. Be aware of what is happening around you. You will be able to help yourself and others by observing what is happening around. That also helps to learn and be more curious. You can then begin to ask all the right kind of questions. This way we will soon know more and more everyday.

Thanks for reading.
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