Top 6 Disney Movie Stories List.

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Disney’s history of animated movies is awesome. Not only does it have great animation but also great stories. I love how the picture of women in Disney movies has changed. It’s nice to atlas have powerful women as an ideal for the young audience. We must be more happier with the stories because we have never seen the old ones. We need a better example. The older stories are not relatable anymore. The new era demands new stories.

Here are 6 of the best stories of new Disney movies:

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Inside out.

This story is about a girl and her struggles with her inner emotions. Disney gives life to the emotions in her mind making it a really creative and well written story. We meet a kid and her emotions joy, sadness, anger, fear and disgust. Already the movie was going to be amazing because of the great actors chosen for every single emotion, the story line adds more meaning to the story. Combining the story and the creativity, inside out makes a real good film for children and for adults.

The good dinosaur

This was awesome as soon as the trailer released. In the movie one of the characters, a timid dinosaur learns to live from a human child. It’s funny and it’s the perfect Disney movie. It is creative. It reminds us why we love Disney movies. They are awesome and really creative. On top of that they are emotional.


This is the story probably everyone was waiting to be on this post. An old man (Carl) and a kid meet after the death of the old man’s wife. They go on an incredible journey for a place he and his wife loved and the ending is the heartbreakingly emotional one. The one no one can forget. It makes up one of the popular stories in the Disney movies.

The croods

Although this movie is less popular than inside out, I find it more creative and original. The croods is a story set in the stone age where a family struggles for survival. It is about facing fear and trying something new, not letting fear defeat you. It is an interesting moral we have here in this story. Human beings are fearful because they want to survive. The story says bravery is the only way of survival. It is really survival of the fittest.


This story is about merida who finds herself in trouble all the time because of her role as a princess. She wants adventure with her bow and an arrow. She wants more to her life than marriage. Yet her mother believes there is nothing greater for a princess than her kingdom and her marriage. But she believes in herself and comes out as a real princess, brave.

The incredibles

This is the story of a superhero family, titled “the incredibles”. The elastic girl is married to mr.incredible and they have two kids, one fast, one invisible and the last plays with fire. Soon after the marriage they try to have a normal life. But they find themselves standing out as the father is unable to be normal at his job. The elastic girl disagrees with the idea of a superhero family but soon finds herself in the adventure. And they become “the incredibles”.

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