6 Things To Do Before You Die.

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Everybody dreams and thinks about all the things they have done or want to do. There are rarely people who are actually  doing them right now. The biggest mental battle since human history began is the battle against our own selves, our own troops. The struggle of staying in the present moment is the hardest of them all. It is the center of everyone’s dream life. Enjoying life is in the present moment.

For establishing or settling down in the present moment, we need to keep goals everyday. Something that helps for that are planners, to do lists, bucket lists, google calendars and journals. Coming back to the point, we need to do things before we die and some of the perfect things to do are:

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1)Live your dreams: Normally people would begin with doing adventurous things. There’s nothing more joyful and adventurous than living your dreams. Make a routine, a plan, a list, a scheme to get there step by step. Take one step extra than the one yesterday. You will find yourself closer to your dreams everyday.

2)Travel for knowledge: Travel for whatever you want. Go on adventures. Let your dreams show you the way. Using your imagination is the best outdoors. Nature is the best inspiration. It is a soother. Travel to your home town. Go to Darjeeling, Lucknow, hill stations or countries like Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Switzerland, etc.

3) Try new things everyday: It does enhance your knowledge and talents but additionally it gives you more confidence. Confidence is everything. Confident people are trusted with  jobs. Trying new things gives you that. It helps make you and your life captivate all the hearts of all the things you need.

4)Live everyday like it’s your last one: This is commonly quoted. It is easy said than done. Ask yourself everyday, what would you do if it was your last day and then do it. Don’t hesitate, plan, visualize and live your ambitions. If you lead that life, you will have fewer regrets.

5)Take up a new mission everyday: Make meaning out of your life. Look for a purpose, a meaning to live up to everyday. Like decide one day you will go visit an orphanage or help a noble cause, the other day decide to give some money to the needy. Become generous and life will be generous to you.

6)Live for an eternal and peaceful purpose:
Have a reason to live up to your noble purposes. Do it for someone other than you. Have a greater purpose. It helps maintain peace and order in life. Further it helps you to stay focused and be good to others. Eternal purpose helps keep stability and morals in your life.

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