6 best sayings, wisdom and quotes.

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I have been crazy about all kinds of arts since I was 9. Hearing my mother say sayings to me whether lovingly or angrily, it made me happy.

Sayings are one of a kind of art and acting on it is a whole new understanding to it. Sayings are wise words from a learned person who passes the lessons of life to the youth and that is how the legacy of a real human being lives decades after their death. The wisdom has been passed to us and its interpretation is up to us.

It’s a package of great lessons cut short for audience’s convenience, put through many tests, used by the experts and then put forth in the best way for us. It’s been made easy to follow and use. Smart people find new interpretation and meanings for them and cut them short for just that.

If you can follow them and put them to use,  it’s doing great but if you are making your own meaning out of it, it’s doing excellent. There are only few people who use their logic and reason, if we can be one of them, we can be ou100 Best Motivational and Inspirational Quotesr own geniuses.


Here are 6 sayings that can be applied now:
1)Practice makes perfect:
Everything we do needs practice. The process of repeating helps our mind understand the job better, that is the only way of achieving better and better. Practice in modern terms can also be called prevention or preparation.

Practice provides us with the two to help better our lives and careers. Everytime we practice we get knowledge and knowledge helps prevent unpleasant circumstances. It prepares us for the coming tests and hardships.

So practice is perfect.
Hard work is excellent and
Personality is brilliant.

2)All that glitters is not gold: This can be in the sense that money and fame is not the pursuit of happiness. It’s a common desire but it also can lead you to an uneven path. People in the pursuit of power forget humanity. Power, money and fame might glitter but they are not gold.

Gold is the heart, the nature, the character, the attitude that we carry within all of us. If there can be better gold, it’s in the higher calling.

3) Speech is silver, silence is golden:
Don’t speak unless you have something to say. A wise man once said “People who talk because they have something to say are geniuses, but fools speak when they want something to say”. This is right for the context of this saying.

People who talk uselessly waste their gifts, while the people who talk for a purpose use their gifts for the wellbeing of all. Speech is the reflection of one’s character and personality. It is advisable to speak with “what to speak and how to speak” equally.

4)Failure is the stepping stone to success:
This is the best on the list. In modern terms failure isn’t even thought of as so rather it is considered as a signboard, if you don’t follow what it’s telling you, you will repeat the same mistakes. So it is now considered as a correction and not an insult.

Not all the ways are correct to earn success.
“There are signboards to success”.

5) Prevention is better than cure:
The philosophy of life is optimism but being critical or negative is not bad. To prevent something we need to think and criticize all the probabilities, and not all of them are positive. Some may involve risk and danger and for that we need to be precautionary.

Thinking out your actions and playing yourself doing them is a precaution.
Measures are better than cure.

6)Cut your coat according to your cloth:
Basically, have money with financial plans and budgets. Be so good with money that you can do welfare with it. “Cutting your cloth” also means spending them in good ways, like maybe a charity program or donation of anything blood, organs, money, property, etc.
In modern terms it is all planning, investing, spending wisely and saving.

Thanks for reading.
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