How to live your life by principles?


We are people of our own and we have to live by our own principles. Living life on your terms isn’t an easy task and it takes a lot of bravery and daring. It takes strength to become careless of what the society and it’s people think. Fear stands in the way of creating our dream life.

Fear of people, fear of failure, fear of humiliation, all these fears stop us from living life the way we want. So it is an extreme necessity to take lead of the principles we have and live by them.

My intention here is to put down some tips to live by your principles. Not all tips will be helpful because of differences, so you can choose according to your terms and the life you want to live.

People will have principles that will shock you. But we don’t have to worry because they are nothing but differences of place, time, people, culture and surroundings. There’s a chance you might misunderstand some of the tips or use it wrongly. But you have the second chances and it’s never too late.


So here are my tips:

1) Realise it’s never too late: To realise it’s never too late is to know there is time and  second chances. Everyone messes up and everyone deserves better. Allowing yourself to this realization helps learning to forgive your own self. This assists you to forgive yourself for shortcomings of your principles making it possible for you to try again.

2) Make them achievable: Achievable goals are stepping stones to achieve the impossible. Your principles should align with that. Achievable principles help live a life conducive to your goals.

Every time you live in accordance with that you step on a milestone. This helps prepare for the biggest goal in your life. Like owning a great bank account or owning your own business. Like in my case, I owning a publishing house.

3)Live life on your own terms or don’t live at all: Living on your own terms is a big milestone. If you know how to do that and help yourself face your own fears, then the outer obstacles will be nothing. The greatest enemy is within you. Defeat it, you can defeat the world.

3)Go small and achieve big: Small things are easy and step by step it makes goals  bigger. This is achieving. Go beyond the boundaries with no hurry or worry. Go ahead and do what you are supposed to and do it your best. Whatever else happens you are not responsible.

4)Make the best: Establishing where you are is the resourcefulness of the present. You can’t make the best of the present, unless you have principles. They help establish the present moment.

Our minds are quite critical, we think out all the wrongs that could happen out of the rights. Here principles work as a reminder that anything is possible. It’s a remedy to all the negativity.

Like my principle is “If you want something bad you never stop trying to have it”, this helps me keep up with the harsh times, when work is unlimited and there’s deadlines.

5)Go after brilliance: Brilliance is with faith and belief in anything you are dedicated to. Faith and beliefs have principles. If we want our deeds to be fruitful, we need to follow them.

Going after brilliance makes you do that, because going after something without a purpose is not fruitful. How can we have success in something about which we have no idea? How can we bring meaning out of it?

6)Throw out regrets, fear and guilt: The pain comes out of regrets, fear and guilt that later come to the surface. This feeling turns chronic causing doubts in yourself and trust issues with others. People who have been through chronic accidents have this kind of disturbance in their minds. Throw them out purposefully or learn to ignore them.

7) Do good: Good is always fruitful. Bad doing may give people fame and fortune but it provides no real benefit to anyone. Doing good does the complete opposite. People who do this may not have fame or fortune, but they have happiness and their work is full of benefit.

Thanks for reading.

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