6 Ways to be a more upbeat person.



With the passage of time, diseases have been increasing. A person caught up in such an experience in life often suffers, mainly it’s the youth that has to go through the worse. But there are ways to cut out pain from your life. No one can guarantee a pain less life but we can do our best to stay happy. 

There is a need to accomplish great things but joy comes with the most little things in life. Like going out with some friends or laughing with your family. Sometimes watching Netflix or going out for a walk by yourself works out too.

Like for me waking up early for some morning sun does a lot to stay in the right state of mind. Mornings are the parts of the day best fitted to work. Early morning work is the best motivation to begin a day with a dose of enthusiasm. “As is your morning, so is the day” and “As you do, so shall you have.” 


If you can’t wake up early because of late night work or nightshifts, then you can benefit from naps. One nap a day and some blissful sleep will help you get more out of your working hours and if not then for sure you will have health benefits. “Health is wealth” and wealth can be created by working on activities that help the brain to keep you upbeat.

Postivity and joyfulness can best be earned through resilience. A person is always sad, offended and insecure when they are dissatisfied. This is a sign of lack of upbeat activities in your life. So being an upbeat person comes down to breaking down resistance and neglecting the need of defending and validating yourself.


You can see more than yourself if you
1) Go beyond the bumps: Bumps on the road are normal. Going beyond them is unusual and unique. If you go beyond the issues that you see, you will know better. Knowing better is doing better.

2)Have stronger trust: If you trust others and expect the best from them, You are trying to be lenient, if you are lenient, you can forgive yourself and others. This opens up the gate to being happier and more upbeat.
3)Be easier and learn to chill: When you go easy on yourself, you open doors to hope and second chances. Guilt is the enemy of learning from mistakes. We get emotional about things easily. So easy going is better to prevent the same errs and chilling is a stress reliever.

4)Think of the worst case scenario: Would worse could happen? Think it out, use your black and yellow hats. Mainly, use your yellow hat. And your problem is solved. You are prepared for the worst case scenario. What can make you low?


5)Stay updated (do things that interest you): Different things keep different people upbeat. Find your own thing and get on with it. What worse could happen? You would embarass yourself but you have got the thrill by trying things that interested you though you knew nothing about it. But you know it now. That is learning and joy is in it. This helps stay in an upbeat mode.

6)Stay away from the Debbie downers: Look out for them, if they are insecurities, face them. If they are things you don’t like, keep away from them. Avoid the instagram profiles that make you feel low, avoid watching movies that upset you, avoid people who gossip,etc.


The basic idea to be upbeat is to avoid or face things that don’t fit into your lifestyle, things that don’t fit into your dream life. Casually avoid them and confidently face them, depending on what the situation demands.

Thanks for reading.

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